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Suzanne Fleur de Lys-Aujla (British Columbia)
Ph: 604-360-2896 

Email: saujla@eqbank.ca

Web: equitablebank.ca

Program Details

Stated Information:

  • Registered/Non-Registered Businesses considered​

  • Minimum 6 months BFS​

  • Viability of income through bank statements, commission income letter, contracts, etc.​

  • Foreign BFS income considered​

  • New Immigrants/Limited Credit considered​

  • Gifted down payment accepted​

  • GDS/TDS up to 48%​

  • 30 Year Amortization 

Registered Business Owners​

  • Sole Proprietor/Partnerships, Corporations:​

  • Articles of Incorporation or Master Business License or ​
    2-3 reference letters if the business is non-registered​

  • Self-Declared Income Letter​

  • Minimum 3- 6 Months Bank Statements

Non-Registered Business Owners/Income Not Taxed At Source​

  • Non-Registered Business Owners – Daycare Providers:​

  • GST Number or 2-3 reference letters​

  • Self-Declared Income Letter​

  • Minimum 3 – 6  Months Bank Statements

Non-Registered Business Owners​

  • Commissioned Sales – Realtors, Financial Planners, Car Salesman:​

  • Job Letter confirming employment​

  • Self-Declared Income Letter​

  • Gross Commission Statements ​
    Minimum 6 Months Bank Statements

Non-Registered Business Owners​

  • Contract Employees – Consultants, Truck Drivers:​

  • A copy of the contract confirming taxes not deducted and income breakdown​

  • Self-Declared Income Letter​

  • Minimum 3 Months Bank Statements

Non-Registered Business Owners​

  • Gratuity Based Income – Bartenders, Waitresses, ​
    Taxi Drivers, Hair Dressers:​

  • Job Letter confirming employment​

  • Self-Declared Income Letter​

  • Minimum 3 months Bank Statements​

Additional documents may be ​required depending on the overall file​

Niche Market: Investors​

  • 100% Addback of the rental income used on ​
    owner-occupied rentals​

  • 80% offset non – subject and subject

  • Maximum up to four-plex​

  • Multiple rental units in client portfolio allowed​

  • Business-For-Self clients accepted​

  • Fair market rents required on each appraisal​

Imperfect Credit Applicants​

  • Unique personal circumstances (divorce, illness, loss of job, etc.)​

  • New immigrants with limited or no credit​

  • Beacon scores < 550 considered​

  • LTV up to 75% on the purchase or 65% on a refinance


Reverse Mortgages

The Equitable Bank Reverse Mortgage can help your client live a more comfortable life.
With a reverse mortgage, your client can turn a portion of their home equity into a source of cash. This means they’ll have access to a dependable source of funds without the stress of any payments, all while retaining ownership of their home.
If your client is a Canadian homeowner who’s 55 years old or over and lives in a major urban centre in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec, they may be eligible for an Equitable Bank Reverse Mortgage.



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