New Agent Training Program

Looking for help training a new agent? Wanting to increase your knowledge and improve your business? Or simply interested in a little refresher on the mortgage process?
The Kraft Mortgages Canada Inc with the support of DLC Group is on a mission to be the best choice for new agents with the best training programs to build and grow your business. Having a clear and practical training program will only lead to the success of our existing and new agents entering the mortgage space and will ultimately speak to the health and strength of our culture equity.
We are so happy to announce the launch of our mortgage agent training program!

The training program currently consists of four modules that focus on mortgage foundations and provides a guide through the mortgage process. The modules follow the flow of a deal starting with the first meeting with a client, submitting your deal to a lender, presenting your commitment back to the client and the final module provides an overview of Alternative lenders, B-lenders, MIC’s and privates. Also included through all the modules are various sales tips along with business-building tactics.   


Module - 1

It covers the following topics:

  • The opening conversation

  • The three transactions; purchase, refinance and switch

  • The three different types of mortgages; insured, insurable and uninsurable

  • Initial meeting with a client, completing the application and other questions

  • Completing the KYC, ensuring the suitability, and future opportunity.

  • The client experience

  • Top 15 most frequently asked questions and commonly used terms and acronyms.


Module - 2

Module Two focuses on inputting the application and ensuring it will be as successful as possible by utilizing the following tools:

  • The four Google's

  • The 5 C’s of credit: Character, Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral

  • Stress test, GDS/TDS calculations and minimum payments required

  • Necessary supporting documentation


Module - 3

Module Three focuses on disrupting the rate and will help you to understanding posted rates, where to find lenders standard charge terms outlining IRD, where to locate online penalty calculators, penalties vs. rate, the value proposition of a broker and the needs of a client and contract behind the product. In addition, Module Three also covers:

  • The word "deserves"

  • Common objections and scripted answers

  • Terms and conditions to look for

  • Helpful tips for clients


Module - 4

The fourth and final module focuses on knowing your lender and will provide you greater detail on the following aspects of your application:

  • Alternative lenders

  • Rates, lender fees, broker fees and administrative fees

  • Case studies

  • MIC’s and privates


Module - 5

As you may know, new Canadians make up a large portion of Canadian home buyers. As mortgage brokers, it is our job to understand their needs within the market to ensure we are not missing out on any potential opportunities.

To help set you up for success when it comes to managing your 'new to Canada' clients, we have put together a unique New Immigrant Agent Training Program for you!

Module 5 has all the details you need surrounding the various programs and eligibility criteria for your new to Canada clients, as well as information on the value of cultural diversity for agents and broker franchises. You will also find important marketing and network strategies to help you dive into this advantageous market.


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